Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Keep in Touch

This blog is created specially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

We invite you to share with us your take-aways and feedback of visit. Please click at COMMENTS to share your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting SST.

Warmest regards,
The SST Team


Christian Hernandez said...

Just Wonderful!! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to know your project!! I am taking with me great things... Gracias!!!

Un abrazo desde Mexico


Ho Ching Man Noel said...

I really enjoy the visit and the students here are impressive. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you all the best in your future school project.

Deputy Principal
Lutheran Academy
Hong Kong

Fredrik Svensson said...

Thank u ! Good work !

Fredrik Svensson Sweden

Jenny Sacal Mexico said...

Having a mission so clear,and the team that you have for sure will have very good results.
Thanks for sharing and being so kind hosts.

HKIS said...

I am truly impressed with your school, especially the focus on Digital Citizenship that helps students to be responsible with technology. I am looking forward to seeing you again in your new campus.

Simon Lau
Head of ICT Infrastructure and Support

Dawn Hallett said...

Your school is very child centred, with exciting technology driven lessons. It was fantastic to observe the students so engaged in their learning tasks. Thank you for allowing me to visit your school. I have gained many ideas to take back to my school in Melbourne. Kind Regards, Dawn Hallett, Warringa Park School, Melbourne.

bhjs said...

the students here are very bright and they are just the expert of using the mac book!

Lisa Raffy IIL Geneva said...

Thank you for such a wonderful and welcoming invitation.You have shared your excellent vision and practises with us. I would like to thank you for your time and generosity. We have visited many schools around the world in an attempt to improve IIL Geneva. SST is the best school that we have visited yet! Please come to visit us in Switzerland and teach us more!

BHJS said...

We learnt the SST has develop different ICT models in different disciplines. For example knowledge building model in humilities and collaborative inquiry in science. Do you use more than one model in individual discipline? If so, what is the sequence or preference of models for each discipline?

I think SST should form a learning circle with schools from Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan with top 30%students. We should explore really effective ways of using ICT to teach math and science, rather than following the western ways which have been proved less effective than our traditional ways.

Justin / George said...

great stuff - appreciate all the innovative work that you have done at SST and the humbleness with which you share your ongoing journey.

I am impressed with the clarity of the vision and how every faculty member and student is able to articulate why SST exits. I would love to come back and see the growth of SST.

Colin Schot said...

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to view the work of the school and the students. I liked the way you have structured the learning opportunities for the students.

Collaborative groups works well. You have done a great job in a temporary learning environment.

Consider you using the language of educational leaders and learning pods for the future.

Lancy Tam said...

Thanks for doing this site so that I can share my visit and observation with my colleagues in Hong Kong. You guys have done a wonderful job. Look forward to seeing your new campus.

Lancy Tam
Law Ting Pong secondary school, Hong Kong

Loh Kwai Yin said...


It's our pleasure.
Look forward to meeting up in the new future :)


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